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We support Organic Farming in India & Organic Farming Consultants

Organic Farming in India is being appreciated by our young generation and to support them we provide organic farming consultants for schools, colleges, corporate offices & Industries.We transform Indian youths to weekend organic farmers.

Our Team

Organic Farming in India/Organic Farming Consultants
Mr. Rajamani
Follower Dr.G.Nammazhwar
Organic Farming in India/Organic Farming Consultants
Mr.Venugopal – Mechnacial Engineer
       Turned into Natural Farmer
Dr.Yuvabharathi – BNYS
 Mrs.Ramya Sivanandan
Terrace Garden Practitioner


Organic Farming will keep our generation healthy !! So we support Organic Farming in India. We need more organic farming consultants like ilearnfarming !!
Food is the cause & Food is the cure. Its all about what you eat. – KVK MANI Kannamangalam Class 12
Save farmer & Save Agriculture. — Bharath Matheena Class 7  
Hajeera Banu
Learned importance of organic farming. we felt difference in the temperature here. Even though outside temperature is high, but we felt pleasant inside. — KVK MANI Kannamangalam Class 9
Zero Budget Natural Farming is the good concept, Here we have seen how they implemented and practising– Puzhal High School Class 10
“conservation is better than generation” Water is becoming a scare resource, appropriate irrigation helps to save water -Nkt National Boys High School Class 8
Concept of Integrated Farming is a real eye opener. — Jain Vidhya Ashram Class 12
Thanks for ilearnfarming to made us realize the importance of agriculture and how agriculture is closely related with growth of our economy. — Jain Vidhya Ashram Class 12
welcome drinks, Lunch and Snacks are very fresh & tasty. We realized the difference between organic food & Non Organic food — Jain Vidhya Ashram Class 9
Vidya Mandal
Location is so greenish, I love this place —  Jain Vidhya Ashram Class 10
Realized the importance of Bamboo Tree – Oxygen Center – Psbb Class 8
Opportunity to understand about Agriculture & farmers daily work -PSBB Class 8
Really tired by doing all agriculture activity. “Hats off to farmers”-PSBB Class 8 –

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