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I started my Terrace Garden on 2015 , two years before..Like all enthusiastic beginner i bought all gardening supplies, plants and watch them grow!! But i don’t know what to do when i saw my plants dying out of nutrients..Made so many mistakes and finally made my own rules for gardening. So, it all depends on the place, medium and care.




– Give it a start & get your hands dirty! No one can learn everything on day one. It will take some          time to kick in and make the best out of the knowledge gained.

– Grow what you need. Do not get tempted and excited to grow everything at one time. Start slow.

Check my post on Sowing Chart for Vegetables

– If you have the time and the patience maintain a diary.

– Do use a pair of gloves when working, especially with soil.

– Be prepared to come across some nasty looking insects and bugs!

– Use social media like Google and YouTube, they can be your best assistants.

There’s tons of  information out there,waiting to be read and seen.

What do you need to start:


Balcony? Ground space? Terrace ? Basically any location which gets at least 2-3 hours or more of direct sunlight. The more the better! A place where you can keep a few containers. The number 1 question asked by newbies – “Will my terrace/balcony be able to hold the weight of pots/plants/containers?” Yes, it will! The average RCC/concrete slab can take huge amounts of weight. Just make sure adequate waterproofing has been done. If your terrace can bear the brunt of a heavy downpour, then you are good to go with an OTG too. For balconies, make sure, you have a water drainage outlet.


Think beyond the pot! For a first time gardener, a container is any object like a pot in any shape/size. And yes, it can be a pot too!
Most importantly, it should be able to hold water and soil and other ingredients in the container. There will be a time when you will be scouting for any decent sized object.
For example, an oil can, an unused helmet, a vegetable/milk crate, specific types of wood, a good thick UV treated plastic grow bag, 2/5/10 litre or more water bottle/can, used paint buckets (but make absolutely sure all the paint inside is scraped off), PVC drainage pipes. Rice/cement bags can be used, but not more than once. After about 3 months, it starts to disintegrate. And once that happens, the disintegrated pieces mix up in the soil, which makes it very difficult to remove. So try to avoid them.

Different plants have different sunlight requirements. Some do well in semi shade, some need 3-4 hours of sunlight, some require more and some require less. Seeds sown in a seed tray (or anything similar) don’t need direct sunlight for the first 1-2 weeks. If your plants don’t do too well under the scorching sun, then you can consider installing a shade net, which cuts off the amount of sunlight hitting the plants. And not only the sun, even the rain too.


Do not over water and do not under water. On an average, watering every alternate day is good enough. Monitor your plants and you will notice when they look dried up or not. If you over water, the water that drains out, will take away the nutrients. And of course you are wasting water too!


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