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To start with,

  • Why wouldn’t you grow your containers organically?
  • Why would you want to ingest foods that have been grown using chemical fertilizers and pesticides?

For me the reasons to grow my plants organically are many.

  1. One of the primary beauties of growing your own food is that you can control what goes into it and given that control, and that it is as easy and potentially safer to eat foods that are pesticide free.
  2. In addition, growing your container gardens organically, is less expensive and less work.
  3. I believe that, particularly when gardening on a small scale, we can just as easily garden sustainably and can minimize the use of chemicals and pesticides as well as chemical fertilizers. I don’t think there is any reason, in small scale gardening, container or conventional, to use pesticides or chemicals.
  4. Organically grown produce can contain as much as 40 percent more antioxidants than conventionally grown produce.
  5. Though many people would disagree, I believe that edibles taste better when they are grown organically. There is also mounting evidence to support that claim. In a recent study,when rats were given the choice of eating biscuits made with organic, versus conventionally grown wheat, they ate substantially more of the organic biscuits.
  6. Another important factor in my decision to garden organically is that I don’t want to store poisonous chemicals or pesticides in my home. With my kids around, i would not take a chance to ingest dangerous chemicals, my pets are at risk too.
  7. Another huge advantage of using organics is that it feeds the beneficial micro-nutrients in the soil. While a chemical fertilizer will work and adequately feed your plants, it will kill all of the beneficial micro-organisms in your soil.

It is obviously your choice whether to use conventional fertilizers and pesticides, but I would encourage you to at least give organic gardening a try.

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