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Home Garden


The Home gardening / Vegetable Gardening, was one of the unique/traditional practice in every Indian household from where they used to pick vegetables for their daily cooking has now reduced due to space constraints.

For many lifestyle disorder diseases our ancestors used herbs and other plants from their home garden / vegetable gardening.

To follow the footsteps of our ancestors we have now shifted to the terrace/balcony and is called a Home garden.You don’t need to acquire a regular garden to grow them, you can also grow these on a balcony or terrace.

Fresh home grown vegetables taste delicious, are good for health and safe from chemicals.

As Home Gardening Services and Vegetable gardening service provider, we ensure chemical free organic gardening setup & maintenance at your place.We provide best services for Vegetable gardening & Home gardening services at affordable prices in Chennai. We can also alter the design and size of these Home gardening / vegetable gardening services as per the needs and specifications of the clients.

Home Garden Packages

We have different packages for everyone’s need.

Beginners Home Garden setup pack @ RS 2500/-

Package details:

  • 10 LDPE Grow bags,
  • grow medium (coco peat, red soil, vermicompost, Neem,Worm casting etc)
  • Vegetable+ Herb saplings & seedlings
  • FREE Installation & 1 month AMC

Intermediate Home Garden setup pack @ RS 5000/–

Package details:

  • 6 feet x 1.5 feet (HDPE 2 years warranty) grow kit
  • grow medium (coco peat, red soil, vermicompost, Neem,Worm casting etc)
  • Vegetable+ Herb saplings & seedlings
  • FREE Installation & 1 month AMC

Home Garden Self watering kit @ RS 15000/-

Package details:

  • 6 feet x 3 feet (HDPE 2 years warranty) grow kit
  • Self watering reservoir set
  • grow medium (coco peat, red soil, vermicompost, Neem,Worm casting etc)
  • vegetable+ herb saplings & seedlings
  • FREE Installation & 1 month AMC



HOME GARDEN – Frequently Asked Questions

Terrace Garden also called a roof garden is a garden in which vegetables, fruits or flowers are grown on terraces, balconies or roofs of buildings. The kitchen garden, a standard in every Indian household, has now shifted to the roof due to constraints of space, and is called a terrace garden. Increasing pressure on land and escalating costs have also added to its growing popularity.

Generally, all types of buildings can support gardens on the terraces. You can grow some green on residential apartments, commercial towers, individual houses and even on factories and godowns, if possible.

One small grow bag occupies 1 sq.ft  and the grow bags should be spaced with 1 sqft distance. So, a minimum of 20 sqft is needed to setup a terrace with 10 small sized grow bags.

A simple water proofing of the roof is enough. Various water proofing products are available in the market that will ensure that the roof is protected, water-resistant and leakage-free.

If you grow plants with fibrous roots, they will cause no harm to your building. But, if you choose a plant with a tap root system, it can penetrate the roof and damage the structure of the building.

Yes, it is safe to grow food on the roof and if the conditions are favorable, you can easily expect a minimum of 6 vegetables per season.

You can begin greening your terrace with these simple steps, and then move on to bigger ideas:

  • Take any simple pot or ‘gamla’ or better still recycle any of your old containers.
  • Mix compost, soil, coir peat (or sand) and vermicompost in equal quantities.
  • Cover the drainage hole at the bottom of the container with a broken pot piece or a flat stone, and fill it up with the mixture. You will have to drill a hole in a recycled container first.
  • Pour water and check that no soil is discharged through the bottom hole.
  • Wet the soil and plant your seed or sapling.
  • Watch your greens grow!

Containers of all sizes, shapes and material, (plastic, ceramic, metal or mud) can be used. If you are an environment buff, you just need to use your imagination! Your Coke bottles, take-away plastic boxes, old sacks, coconut shells, old broken buckets, dented kitchen pots and pans, just about everything can be recycled and used as containers.

Well, you can start with some kitchen essentials like coriander, herbs, chili. Then you can go on to vegetables and fruits like tomatoes, lime, pomegranate and even banana.

A minimum of 100 INR will be required to start your gardening endeavors if you do not buy containers or sheds. Then all you are going to need are some organic seeds that you can get online to kick-start your terrace garden.

It can take as little as a week to set up and you can begin harvesting your greens in a months time.

Once your garden is established, an hour a day is more than enough to maintain your green area. It is the perfect area to exercise in and improve your fresh air intake.

You can make your own organic manure at home by using your kitchen waste, and even learn how to prepare Panchagavya and organic pest repellents for use in your garden.