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Quality of a good potting mix –

This post is to educate us on the characteristics and right mix of potting soil for growing vegetables in our terrace containers

Ingredients for a good quality potting mix for vegetable garden:
  • Light weight
  • Nutrition rich
  • Water/moisture retention
  • Well drain
  • Air circulation
  • Pest Free
  • Support

Red Soil:

We get this in any good nursery

Coco peat:

This is a by-product of a coconut fiber. It comes as a compressed brick/block which will expand when mixed with water. It helps in air circulation and water retention.

Coir needs less potassium and more nitrogen supplements.

Vermicompost/ Worm Castings:

Vermicompost is the result of composting vegetable waste/food waste using earth worms, ie. Red Wriggles. Vermicompost is an excellent, nutrient-rich organic fertilizer and soil conditioner.

Neem Oil/ Cake:

Neem protects the plants from insects and root based infections. Use neem oil/ powder/cake.


Cow dung, horse dung, goat dung.

Other products to add are:

Bio Promoters/ Fertilizers as given below

Pseudomonas Fluorescens – suppress plant diseases by protecting the seeds and roots from fungal infections.

Azotobactor – promotes plant growth as well as nitrogen fixation

Phosphobacteria – promotes root formation and plant growth.


  • 1 part of good quality red soil/top soil
  • 1 part of cocopeat
  • 1 part of compost (Vermicompost/manure)

For every 15 litres of above mix add 200 grams of manure, neem oil and bio fertilizers

Mix them thoroughly, cover and leave the mix for 2-3 weeks

After 3 weeks, potting mix is ready to use.


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