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Natural Fertilizers – Banana peels

Banana peels are a rich source of nutrients for plants: Potassium, and small amounts of phosphorus, calcium, nitrogen. They contain anti fungal, antibiotic and enzymatic properties. Organic matter like fruits, vegetable waste returned to the soil helps activate microbes and act as slow-release fertilizer into the soil so the plants.

My kids love bananas and trashing them seems like kind of a waste so why not recycle them instead – in your garden.

Now it’s a WIN WIN for us !!

Banana Peel Tea

1.Put the banana peels in a jar and fill it with water.

2. Leave it for two days. 

3. Then drain all the water in to another container. This water is nothing but Banana Peel       Tea. Spray it to your plants.

 Banana Peel Powder

1.Dry the peels in sunlight until peels turn black

2.Then grind them thoroughly in a grinder. Sprinkle the powder to your plants as fertilizer.


 Add egg shells, 1 tbpsn epsom salt, banana peels and grind them in a grinder. Mix this powder with water and spray.

 Where & How to use Banana Peel fertilizer:

  • Fertilizer Spray: Spray it to the soil.
  • Organic compost/manure: Chop the peels, then add to your garden’s soil directly or add it to the compost bin.
  • As Insect Trap: Combine small pieces of the peels with the vinegar. Drill large holes at the top sides of the plastic container so that insects can get inside, and pour your banana mixture (peels and all) into the container. Place outside in your garden to keep down the insect population.
  • Aphids killer: Place chopped peels just under the soil line. Aphids hate banana smell.

Which Plants Can Be Fertilized With Banana?

Good natural fertilizer for all plants.

Roses – Roses bloom bigger in size and intense colour

Plants -Tomato, potato, banana tree


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