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Seed saving (also called as brown bagging) is the practice of saving seeds from vegetables, grain, herbs, and flowers for future use. 

Seed saving is an ancient and traditional way that gardeners and farmers were maintained centuries ago. While profitable farmers rarely practice seed saving nowadays, it is still a common practice among home gardeners, especially for economical reasons.


Why Seed Saving?

There is no single reason to start saving seeds from your own garden.

  • To Save Money

We can drastically reduce the cost of producing healthy vegetables/fruits/grains by using the seeds you have saved,

  • Conserve hereditary variety

Lots of great varieties which my mom used to cook for us are at the verge of extinction. We could not find country grown veggies nowadays, all we can find is a hybrid or GMO varieties which are largely available in markets. Many of these unique plants only exist in the hands of one or two gardeners.

  • Taste & Aroma

Ever locate the best tasting tomato from a seed inventory one year just to find you can’t get it anyplace the next year? Seed savers don’t have this issue!

  • Bond With Your Garden

Every seed holds an association with the future and the past. From Great Grandfather’s Brinjal/tomato seed passed on to Grandfather and then to our parents Brinjal plant that you’ve saved seeds from and will pass on to your children, the stories of seeds connect us to our history, our culture, our family, and our sense of who we are.

  • Build society

Seed saving and seed sharing go hand-in-hand. Share with a neighbor, help the public garden become more self-satisfactory, or take a new gardener under your wing and teach them how to save their own seeds.


We will see “How to do Seed Saving” in my next blog.


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